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The Band

The band is comprised of piano Jeanine S. Ruiz, guitar Aaron Low Chew Tung, bass Jemel Patrice, drum kit Azriel Bahadoor with an additional featured vocal quartet: Janine Charles-Farray, Louise Clarke, LeAndra Head and Tylah Head.

Each individual adds their own flavour to the music and is in no doubt a dream team.

With the initial intent for the musicians to only record the music for the collection This Is Me in 2017, there became reason to continue the project live.


The J9Q debuted at one of the biggest jazz stages of Trinidad and Tobago, Jazz Artists on the Greens March 2018.



The J9Q was specifically created with the freedom of performing compositions by Jeanine S. Ruiz.

The music is a fusion of many genres that can be called “experimental”.

The Caribbean is home to various ethnicity, that have overtime fused through different combinations. Almost everyone, if not all, is racially mixed. And so, the music naturally followed this evolution.


The music celebrates the idea of being mixed. The music does not only contain Caribbean influences (Parang, Calypso, Afro Rhythms etc) but also genres of the world like Jazz, R&B, Electronic music and much more. For this reason, this collection cannot be classified as one genre.


The music contains both intrumental and sometimes include the Vocal Quartet that both tell a stories though melodies and mood manipulation.

The Music

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