What We Do

To compose music for a film/game/trailer, you need to understand the story completely. What is the message that's being sent to the viewer? Are they supposed to feel angry, scared or in bliss? The music acts as a subliminal message that manipulates moods and tells stories without words being spoken. It's a "read between the lines" sorta thing.

The Composer works very closely with the Director making sure that the music works parallel to the story. It's a partnership.

The importance of using music to enhance your story is just as important as  using the most appropriate music. There are instances of music being misused, confusing viewers of the intensity of the scene. The scene may be scary, but the music makes the audience giggle.

We at J9perspective make your needs our goals. You get exactly what you're looking for. And in turn, we get what we're looking for.


Everyone has a smart device filled with music. If they wanted to hear a song they love, then they can play it! So why would you settle for sounding just like what's on radio, when you can give a whole new experience from the same song? That's what makes a performance unforgettable!

Arranging gives a makeover to your music. All make overs are supposed to feel refreshed and unstoppable. In fact, the arrangement is supposed to sound better than the original, if not, then why do it?

Whether your makeover needs to make your music more crowd interactive, workable for a smaller band, bigger sound, more acoustic, more modern...it can be done.


Some people find it tedious, we love it!

We do woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, vocals and anything you have in mind.

Just let us know what you need and when and you'd get it.


When you have an idea in your head and you know it can go places, that's what we call a seed. We're here to help your seed grow.

Having a melody, lyrics, a singer, an idea...is all you need to start something. We produce music of all genres: Soca, Calypso, Zouk, Parang, Bachata, Ballads, Jazz, Pop, Electronic, World and so much more. Keep in mind we love to experiment and get creative.

We have all the tools to make your ideas a reality.

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